I am a Certified Coach for The 21-Day Sugar Detox.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) is a program created by Diane Sanfilippo designed to help you break free of the very real addiction that is SUGAR. 

Research shows that sugar is as addictive as cocaine and is related to a host of chronic health conditions like obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Not to mention problems with stress, mood, and weight.

I'm not saying that enjoying a piece of cake on your birthday is a terrible thing. And I'm not saying that you can never touch the sweet stuff again if you want to live a long, healthy life. What I AM saying is that too much sugar has crept into too much food in too many places and appears WAY too frequently in our daily diets. It's not just on birthdays, holidays, and once-in-a-while special occasions.

Sugar is everywhere, everyday.

Aside from the obvious sources, sugar is found in breads, cereals, condiments, crackers, dressings, deli meat, granola bars (including those "health" bars), sauces, yogurts, etc. Almost everything. 

So it's not the occasional splurge on an ice cream cone in the middle of summer or a piece of Thanksgiving pie that's the problem. It's the daily battering of sugar in everyday foodstuff that's the problem. Sugar creates cravings for more sugar, and we are literally becoming addicted -- and it's making us sick.

 I have witnessed the reduction of joint pain, brain fog, headaches, and symptoms of autoimmune disease in many people who have gone through this program. I have personally experienced a major increase in energy as a result of eliminating sugar, as well as (and this is my favorite favorite part) a drastic decrease in irritability, mood swings, and food cravings. (Sugar exerts a pretty powerful influence on our hormones). 

BOTTOM LINE: I feel better when I am eating less sugar. 

As the name implies, this detox is 21 days (and you can do anything for 21 days!) of retraining your taste buds AND your body away from the addiction to sugar. Find food freedom! See what happens. It's amazing, I tell you!


  April 7, 2019!


4/7: Prep Session  

4/14: Detox Session #1 and first day of detox

4/21: Detox Session #2    

4/28: Detox Session #3

Can't make a session?

All meetings are recorded so you don't miss anything.


My groups include 4 SESSIONS: 1 week of prep, 3 weeks of detox. It's supportive, it's do-able, and IT'S FUN. 



Join the tens of thousands of people who have successfully completed the program. You might have a sugar addiction if you:

  • struggle with sugar or carb cravings

  • find yourself slipping back into bad habits and just can’t seem to get yourself on track

  • experience energy spikes and dips throughout the day – especially that 3pm slump

  • are often tired, lethargic, or experience unexpected changes in your mood

  • have headaches

  • have skin problems

  • experience brain fog, cloudy thinking, or difficulty concentrating

The 21-Day Sugar Detox can help!

I'll walk you through this process and you'll learn how your body responds to different foods, and how your palate can change once the sweet stuff is gone.

I also help you figure out how to handle food post-detox -- remember, this is not about deprivation! It is about listening to your body, learning how to make better choices, and taking control of your health so you can THRIVE.