The 21DSD, Baby.

Oh gosh.

I'll tell you what, all the food principles and nutritional know-how in the world didn't stand a chance against first-trimester hormones. That beast got a hold of me and I swear I was thisclose to a vanilla milkshake at a Burger King drive-thru. Me. EvolveWellStef.

Backing up...

No, you haven't missed anything - I'm announcing here on the blog for the first time that I am indeed PREGNANT with Evolver #3! I am over the 12-week hump and for the first time in weeks I am able to rise above the nausea to bring you a (short) blog installment. The fatigue and morning (all-day) sickness pretty much knocked me over and I couldn't even think about vegetables, let alone arrange them on a plate and take pictures. My once-beloved spaghetti-squash made my stomach turn.

I had quite an affinity for Rice Chex, though. Mr Evolve Well had to make a midnight dash to a 24-hour supermarket to secure some for me last month. While it's a rare occasion that Mr. EW doesn't call me from a grocery store, this conversation was entirely new for us:

"They're not organic, you know."

"I know."

"You still want them?"

"Don't make me feel worse."

"I just want to make sure. Sugar is the 3rd ingredient. And..."

"Jesus, I didn't need to know that. Don't tell me what else."

"There's mixed tocopherols."

Groaaaaaannnn. "I'm going to ruin our baby."

"What do you want me to do here. This is unprecedented."

"I can't make this decision. I'm so freaking nauseous I don't even care. This is horrendous. Just get me the Rice Chex. I'm sure my mother ate Rice Chex when she was pregnant and I came out ok. Wait."

"I'll just get them, you sound awful, just eat them and be done with it."

"Get an Almond Joy, too."

He whispers: "Who even are you?"

But Week 13 finds me waking up from my haze of carbs and sugar enough to invite you to join me for the January 2017 round of the 21-Day Sugar Detox, which begins on January 2nd. 

Yeah, I'm doing it, too. Rice Chex was just the gateway. 

I need it this round more than ever and my motivation to run this group is pretty high, which should make for an interactive and fun group. 

So jump on the 21DSD bandwagon and join us - it's not too late! Contact me today to get started.