"My wife and I did this together not as a diet, but as a journey on a life style change. We have two uncles who are healthcare professionals who made this change about 2 years ago, and every time we see them they look healthier and younger, so we decided to join them. 

It was really quite simple for us, as we followed the meal plan verbatim in the book. With your help answering all of our questions about what are and what are not compliant ingredients and teaching us what to look for on labels, we were off and running. I can honestly say that I was completely satiated after each delicious meal and very fortunately did not have any cravings. The group calls and Facebook page was also very helpful especially when we were faced with having to eat out! 

We lost a combined 25 pounds in 21 days which is a quarter of our goal to lose a combined 100 pounds by June. We enjoyed this way of eating and the results so much that we have decided to continue on indefinitely.

We couldn't have done it without you as a coach. You were always so helpful and patiently answered all of our questions. Keep up the great work of helping people change their lives!"  -Dave A.


"I tried completing the 21DSD a year ago and gave up only after 3 days. I didn't have a support system and just couldn't stick with it on my own. Having a coach and a support group made all the difference! 

Stefanie, you are an incredible coach, answering all of my ridiculously silly questions. You are supportive, understanding, and easy to get along with. 

I lost weight on the program and realized what foods make me feel good. After completing the program, and reintroducing foods, I've realized that I am sensitive to certain foods. I never would have realized that prior. 

The cost of the program is nothing compared to the benefits you will experience."   - Jennifer B.

"My belly is flatter and feels SO much better!  I no longer feel the need to follow every meal up with something sweet in my mouth, whether it's gum or dessert or a treat.  And even more importantly, emotionally I feel empowered and proud of myself!!!  
On the fence?!  DO IT!  I learned SO much about food, about choices, about resources, and about myself in that short period of time.  It has been life changing!

Stef,  I am truly grateful for YOU!" - Lisa F.

My migraines, which I suffer from routinely, all but disappeared. No more bloating, lack of GERD symptoms...I’m off of 3 prescription medications. I have elevated mood and more confidence. I am so glad I found your website!”
-Sally H.

"I seriously feel like a new person!" -Christine S.